Whether you stay an hour or all day, Old Town Coffee is the place for you. We cater to those around us, support other small businesses, and create adaptive spaces that can be used for studying to entertaining.

Come visit us and see what we are all about!

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See what’s happening at OTC this month.  Gather and relax with a beer or wine on our spacious patio.

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Shop our single origins and blends of house-roasted beans.  Visit our online store for coffee and OTC branded merchandise.

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Enjoy local favorites from restaurants, vendors and home-permitted kitchens.



All the usual suspects, like coffee & tea, plus seasonal, frozen and fun drinks.

1131 – State Street

5877 Hollister – Goleta

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John Baldridge
John Baldridge
15:49 26 Nov 22
Nice, local coffee shop that has good coffee and a great selection of quality pastries and sandwiches. The owner/manager is really kind. The reason I give it 4 stars is that I asked for a “splash of milk” in my drip coffee, but the owner told me no, that there was half & half, and that I could help myself. Milk and half & half are not the same thing, and I personally find half & half disgusting. I asked for milk, and she told me no. Overall, a nice local business that I encourage all to visit when in Goleta.
Julian Ventura
Julian Ventura
01:59 22 Oct 22
Nice and cozy spot for great coffee and a morning bite... don't know what the sauce is that they give you with the sandwich but it is a must!
Paul Noelle
Paul Noelle
17:05 09 Aug 22
Cute coffee shop with decent food but beware. I was having a pleasant Monday afternoon until while using the restroom (after drinking my coffee), someone jiggled the locked door which I yelled occupied and didn't think anything of, only to have the locked door manually unlocked and opened by the girl working behind the counter. As the door opened I yelled OCCUPIED once more but it was whipped open regardless. Needless to say, having the people seated outside of the bathroom see me on the toilet was not how I anticipated spending my work break. There was no real apology, just a quick 'sorry' and then a partial re-shutting of the bathroom door. Mortifying.
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